Sánchez (right) was meeting Catalan voters on Wednesday this week. EP
Pedro Sánchez gets out and about again after deciding to stay on as Spanish PM

Pedro Sánchez gets out and about again after deciding to stay on as Spanish PM

It is not clear what actions his government will try to take against what it calls "the slime machine" when referring to parts of the media and judiciary



Friday, 3 May 2024, 09:58


The Spanish prime minister, Pedro Sánchez, announced to the country on Monday this week that he was going to stay on in the job after all.

However, the Socialist leader vowed to clean up "the slime machine" that was "harming Spanish democracy", comments directed at parts of the media, which the PM sees as "contaminating the debate", and the legal system, which he believes is being used to interfere with his supporting politicians' work.

Sánchez had taken five days off from public appearances last week while considering his position after it was revealed a court was in the early stages of investigating his wife over corruption allegations in the press.

The PM's decision to stay on and comments about the media and the legal system were met with praise by supporters of his own party and other groups on the left, while opposition, right-of-centre parties, judges and some media criticised his threats.

What exact plans Sánchez has are unclear. But the government is expected to find a way of unblocking the renewal of Spain's top legal committee that appoints other judges - the Consejo General del Poder Judicial (CGPJ) - which has been at a stalemate for five years as it needs the hard-to-get support of two thirds of all MPs to replace members.

'No limit to his lust'

The leader of the conservative PP opposition, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, said of Sánchez's recent moves, "Now he is going after the freedom of the Spanish people in order to keep himself as prime minister forever. There is no limit to his lust for power without control of the law and the media. Forty-six years of democracy is a lot even for him and his high self-esteem."

On Wednesday this week, Sánchez was out in public again on a surprise visit to a feria in Barcelona as part of campaigning for the Catalan regional elections on 12 May. Catalan separatist parties accused the PM of using his five days of reflection as a campaign gimmick.

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