García-Gallardo (Vox) and Fernández Mañueco (PP) on Monday. / EFE

PP party enters coalition with far-right Vox in a Spanish region for the first time

The regional coalition government has been sworn in in the northern region of Castilla y León


The regional coalition government between the conservative Partido Popular (PP) and far-right Vox has been sworn in in the northern region of Castilla y León.

It is the first time that Vox has entered a regional government anywhere in Spain. Alfonso Fernández Mañueco of the PP has been sworn in as president and Vox's Juan García-Gallardo will be vice president.

Although Vox's high profile national leader, Santiago Abascal, was at the swearing-in ceremony in the regional parliament in Valladolid on Monday amid a celebratory air, the national PP leader, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, did not attend.

The PP is keen to distance itself from the idea of needing other parties' support to govern. In his investiture speech, Fernández Mañueco defended the pact with Vox, and said they should be judged on their deeds and not by prejudice.

Among its demands, Vox wants rid of Spain's regional parliaments to simplify government - which the PP opposes - and reformed legislation around gender violence and historical memory law related to legacies around General Franco's rule.