Oliver and his mother Lena boarding the plane taking them to Spain / sur

Anonymous businessman pays for Malaga boy's air ambulance flight from Mexico to Spain for urgent brain tumour surgery

It will cost 196,400 euros for the medical emergency flight but two-year-old Oliver would only survive for another month without the operation to remove a brain tumour


Little Oliver has a guardian angel, but his family has no idea who it is. The two-year-old, born in Malaga but now living in Mexico, is in urgent need of surgery for a brain tumour and an anonymous businessman has paid for him to be flown in a special medically-equipped plane from Cancún to Spain for his operation. All that is known is that the mysterious benefactor has a child of a similar age.

If all goes well, Oliver will arrive in Barcelona today, Wednesday 26 October. “My wife will travel with him because only one parent can travel on these special flights,” said the little boy’s father, Alejandro Romero. They had tried to book a commercial flight on Monday but were denied boarding because of Oliver’s state of health. They were getting desperate, because without surgery he is not expected to survive more than one month.

In desperation, Alejandro posted a plea for help on social media and in the press and the businessman, who lives in Mexico, responded with an offer to pay the 196,400 euros the medical flight would cost. He contacted the family and the money arrived hours later. All he asked in return was that he remained anonymous and was given a receipt so he could declare the payment to the tax authorities.

At 9pm (Spanish time) on Tuesday evening little Oliver boarded the plane for Spain with his mother, his uncle and his father confirmed. They are already waiting for him in Barcelona. "They just boarded. And this Wednesday, at around one in the afternoon he will be in Spain. Thank you all very much!", Alejando and David said on social media networks from Barcelona.

Overwhelmed by people's response

The family say they are overwhelmed, not only by this generosity but the response of people in general. They now have enough money to pay for everything they need for Oliver, thanks to donations.

Oliver was born in Malaga in 2020, at the height of the pandemic. However, his father, who is also from Malaga and is a diving instructor, and his German mother decided to move to Mexico to find work because “everything came to a halt because of the pandemic”.

Now they are on their way back to Spain in the hope that the team of surgeons who are ready to operate on the two-year-old in Barcelona will be able to remove the brain tumour and save his life. Something which would not have been possible without the generosity of the unknown benefactor.