Emergency services at the scene / CPB VALENCIA

One girl dead and several children injured in bouncy castle accident in Valencia

Eight-year-old child dies after a gust of wind reportedly blew the inflatable into the air at the Mislata amusement park


An eight-year-old girl has died after a bouncy castle accident at the Mislata amusement park in Valencia. The inflatable reportedly broke free from its tether during strong winds.

Five children, who were trapped under the castle, escaped with minor injuries but two girls, aged four and eight, were rushed to hospital with serious injuries. One of them has since died, according to authorities.

The incident happened at 8.15pm on 4 January. The eight-year-old was thrown from the castle and lost consciousness after hitting her head, the four-year-old was bleeding heavily according to eyewitnesses.

Three ambulances attended the scene while parents and onlookers struggled to help the injured children. Police are investigating if the castle was securely tethered although municipal sources said that "everything was apparently in order."

The amusement park has been closed. The mayor of Mislata, Carlos Fernández Bielsa, said he was "shocked" by the tragedy.