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Spain’s Met Office issues special weather forecast for days leading up to New Year's Eve

Aemet, the state meteorology agency, has offered its prediction for what the weather will likely be across the country until 2 January


Spain’s state meteorology agency, Aemet, has issued a special forecast for the week’s weather ahead of New Year’s Eve on Saturday, 31 December.

Monday 26 and Tuesday 27:

On the mainland and in the Balearic Islands, the remains of the cold front that entered Galicia on Sunday will continue to leave cloudy skies and weak and scattered rainfall in the northwestern third of the peninsula in the early hours of Monday, with a tendency to gradually brighten up during the afternoon.

On Tuesday there will still be abundant low clouds in the northwestern quarter, and the risk of light rain is not ruled out. In the rest of the country, stable weather will predominate on both days. Morning mists and fog banks are likely to occur in the valleys of large rivers, mountain areas and points on the Mediterranean and Balearic coasts. The temperatures will be ​​higher than usual on these days, with few changes or slight decreases.

The winds will be light during Monday, increasing in intensity throughout Tuesday, when they will blow with strong intervals from the southwest in Galicia. In the Canary Islands, the locally strong and persistent rainfall will continue, accompanied by storms, in the western islands on Monday, with a tendency to subside at the end of the day, although showers could still fall on Tuesday in the extreme west. The winds will shift to the eastern component on Monday, getting worse and blowing strong, with very strong gusts, giving rise to the entry of haze, which will spread throughout the archipelago on Tuesday.

Monday 26 and Tuesday 27:

It is likely that on Wednesday the 28th a new Atlantic front will enter Galicia, producing more intense and persistent rainfall in the western half of the country, and it is not ruled out that it will spread in a weaker and more dispersed way throughout the rest of the northwestern quadrant of the peninsula on Wednesday and for the remainder of the northern half on Thursday. Throughout Friday they will tend to subside, except in Galicia and mountainous areas in the west of the peninsula.

Temperatures will not see any major changes, continuing at values ​​higher than normal for the time. The wind will blow strong from the southwest on Wednesday in Galicia as the front passes, with probable very strong gusts, and it will pick up again on Thursday and Friday. In the Canary Islands, the unstable environment is likely to continue, with showers that will affect the entire Archipelago.

Saturday the 31st to Monday the 2nd January:

It is probable that on Saturday the 31st stability will prevail throughout the national territory, with the rainfall likely to stop in Galicia and the Canary Islands during the day. On the 1st it is probable that a new Atlantic front will penetrate Galicia, producing rainfall that on the 2nd will spread over the rest of the Peninsula, except for the eastern third. Temperatures are likely to remain little changed and above what is usual for the season.