The company says its name and logo are being used without authorisation. sur
Mercadona warns of gift card scam which aims to steal personal data

Mercadona warns of gift card scam which aims to steal personal data

“Be careful, don’t fall into the trap” the Spanish supermarket chain has warned on social media



Tuesday, 20 September 2022, 10:54


Mercadona customers are being warned about a scam featuring the supermarket gift card which is actually an attempt to steal personal data. The fraudsters send an email congratulating the recipient on having won a 500-euro gift card and asking them to confirm their details.

Mercadona advises people who receive a message of this type not to open it and to delete it. “Mercadona does NOT send out gift cards,” the company insists.

There have been several scams using the logo and name of Mercadona in recent years, by email and text or WhatsApp messages. Some of them offer gift cards and others are for job offers. The company has a special section on its website to answer queries from clients who receive such communications.

“We do not organise any types of promotion and/or draw, nor do we give out vouchers or charge for job interviews. These people are using our logo and image without authorisation. We recommend that you do not give them your bank account or bank card details, or any personal information and do not pay them any money,” Mercadona advises.


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