Masks must still be worn in pharmacies by law. / EP

Masks come off indoors in Spain but not in all cases

The government continues to recommend the use of a mask where vulnerable people are concerned if minimum distances cannot be kept


Although the government published its decree late on Tuesday lifting the requirement to wear a mask indoors in Spain, there are still many scenarios where having a face covering on hand will be important for those over six years of age.

Passengers on flights, inside trains, on buses and in taxis or private hire services still need to wear a mask, although these are not required in bus shelters or inside stations or airports themselves.

Healthcare premises

A mask is still compulsory for those over six in healthcare facilities, including doctors' clinics and hospitals. The same applies to residential homes. Patients in their rooms or residents are excluded.

A raft of similar, health-related establishments are also still included including pharmacies, opticians, dental clinics and physiotherapists. On the other hand, in hairdressers, gyms and hair removal and nail clinics a mask is not required.

In bars, restaurants and shops, it is not compulsory to wear a mask although some premises may ask staff to keep wearing one, such as in the fresh produce section of supermarkets. Concert and sports venues are also exempt.

In the workplace, it is up to each company to decide its policy depending on a risk assessment -such as level of ventilation or how closely staff sit together.

The government continues to recommend use of a mask where vulnerable people are concerned if minimum distances cannot be kept.


The government decree did not mention anything about continuing to wear a mask in schools, causing some confusion for teachers and parents on Wednesday morning as to whether it was still necessary or not.

Some local authorities in Spain, including the Andalusian regional government, had been hoping to maintain use of some sort of face coverings in educational establishments. However, the new government rules gave them no flexibility and masks were out there too.