Little Oliver with his father at the Barcelona hospital last November. SUR
Malaga boy undergoes third op as surgeons manage to completely remove brain tumour

Malaga boy undergoes third op as surgeons manage to completely remove brain tumour


Little Oliver is being treated at the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital and has been receiving chemotherapy in Barcelona since his first operation there last November

Enrique Miranda


Tuesday, 28 February 2023, 16:10

His name hit the headlines last October after his parents' issued an emergency distress call. Oliver, a boy from Malaga who was not even three years old at the time, urgently needed to be transferred from Mexico to Spain to undergo surgery for a serious brain tumour.

The struggle of his family and the financial contribution of an anonymous businessman, who paid for the air ambulance flight to Spain, allowed the little boy to be admitted in time to the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital in Barcelona, ​​one of the most prestigious in the treatment of childhood cancer.

This Monday, four months after that journey to reach Spain, Oliver underwent surgery again, in what is his third operation in Barcelona (he had previously had a first operation in Mexico). Surgeons managed to completely remove the rest of the tumour that the minor still had, around 10% that remained after the first procedure in early November.

Oliver is doing well after this latest operation and continues to take steps in his complex recovery. Since he was discharged from the hospital in November, the little boy has been receiving chemotherapy and the tumour has not grown.

The operation this Monday lasted about five hours and now the little boy from Malaga will be able to start proton radiotherapy treatment at a specialist centre in Madrid.



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