El Niño lottery is another favourite in Spain. / sur

No luck with Spain's El Gordo lottery jackpot? Don't fret the El Niño draw offers another chance to win a fortune

This year the draw on 6 January will hand out 700 million euros in prize money


Hot on the heels of Spain's Christmas Lottery on 22 December comes another chance to win a fortune with the Sorteo del Niño, or Child’s Lottery. Nobody is really sure why it is called ‘El Niño’, but it generally assumed to be related to the Three Kings coming to visit the baby Jesus.

The tickets cost 200 euros, but like those for the Christmas Lottery, they are divided into ‘décimos’ which can be bought for 20 euros each, and this year there will be prize money totalling 700 million euros.

The first prize will be of two million euros per series of tickets, with a second prize of 750,000 euros and a third prize of 250,000 euros.

So, if you didn’t win the El Gordo jackpot at Christmas and fancy trying again, El Niño could be the answer and you won’t have long to wait in suspense: the draw will take place at midday on Friday next week, 6 January.