The amount will vary according to the age of each child / Sur

New aid for low-income families in Spain

Benefits of up to 100 euros per child to begin in 2022


Under the terms of the Minimum Vital Income (IMV) bill, approved by the Spanish government on 19 November, low-income families will be eligible for aid for each dependent child as of 2022.

The amount will vary according to the age of each child, whether the household is headed by a single parent, and how many children there are in the family.

The government has earmarked 100 euros per month for each child under three years of age; 70 euros for each child between three and six years old; and 50 euros per month for those between six years of age and of legal age.

The aid is intended for both IMV beneficiaries and people who can prove that they are in a situation of economic vulnerability.

For families facing economic vulnerability, the annual income ceilings are incomes of up to 32,100 euros per year for families of two adults and up to 27,000 euros for families of two adults and one child.

Single-parent families with two children may earn up to 30,800 euros annually and single-parent families with one child may earn up to 27,000 euros per year.

The request for the benefit must be made through the Tax Agency by submitting form 140, both electronically and in person.

The IMV will also cover people who do not have unemployment protection and are in a situation of need without the right to other aid. These cases will be managed by SEPE (State Public Employment Service) and in the most serious situations the household income level will not be taken into account.