WARNING: Graphic content / GUARDIA CIVIL

Man loses an eye after vicious attack by two men caught illegally hunting in Spain

A father and son, aged 58 and 28, have been arrested by the Guardia Civil in Toledo


A man from Casarrubios del Monte, Toledo, lost his left eye after he was attacked by two men caught hunting illegally near his home.

The hunters, a father and son aged 58 and 28 respectively, left a private hunting area in Casarrubios del Monte and started to hunt near some single-family homes in the area instead. The man challenged them, warning that it is against the law to hunt in the area because people live there. However, an argument broke out.

The son attacked the man with the butt of his rifle, hitting him in the face with it. The man began bleeding profusely and was rushed to the University Hospital of Toledo. Surgeons were unable to save his left eyeball which had to be removed.

The Guardia Civil has since arrested the two hunters from Novés, Toledo, on two counts of injury including serious injury and on two counts of threatening someone with a firearm as they had also pointed their guns at the man and threatened to kill him. They will face trial at the Illescas Court of Instruction in Toledo. The Guardia Civil also seized six firearms owned by the hunters.