Looking for Patxi: 1,000-euro reward offered for lost parrot in Spain

Looking for Patxi: 1,000-euro reward offered for lost parrot in Spain

The African grey parrot, which "has been living with its owners for 22 years and is one of the family", disappeared on 10 May in Barcelona

Javier Varela


Friday, 17 May 2024, 17:51

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The whole neighbourhood of La Florida in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona) has been mobilised for a week in search of Patxi, a red-tailed African grey parrot who disappeared from his home on Friday 10 May. That day "there was an incident at home that made him nervous and made him fly outside", says Marga Andrade, daughter of the owner.

"He is a parrot who is used to flying around the house, even with the windows open, and only went into his cage to sleep," she adds, with the emotion of someone missing a loved one.

"He has been living with us for 22 years and is one of the familiy, and everyone needs him to come back as soon as possible, especially my mother, Margarita, who is the one who is missing him the most.

Patxi came to the Andrade family "because some friends couldn't get him to adapt and we kept him", Marga says. The parrot, who has a chip but no ring, has captured the hearts of this family because he is "very intelligent, very sociable and imitates voices very well". "Especially my father's, who is now deceased," adds Marga, who recalls with emotion that he is "a chatterbox" and says "handsome", "give me water" and calls the whole family by their names (Carlos, Marga or mum).

The one who misses Patxi the most is Margarita, who at 80 years old spends a lot of time with the parrot and has become his companion day and night. "She is the one who is most affected by Patxi's absence and that is why we decided to mobilise," adds her daughter. Patxi perfectly imitates the voice of Margarita's husband, who died during the pandemic, "to such an extent that sometimes it sounds like my father is in the living room", says Marga, emotionally.


For this reason, the family has decided to offer a reward of 1,000 euros to the person who returns him, because they believe that "someone has him". "We suspect that someone who has found him has kept him, because this type of animal can survive for two or three days, but after that time it needs a specific diet based on vegetables, seeds and fruit," Marga explains. "We just want to get Patxi back and the person who gives him to us will not have any reprisals," she adds.

The reward can be seen in the more than 300 posters with Patxi's photo, which have been stuck up all over the place.

On Sunday, the Local Police called the Andrade family to tell them that they had found an African grey parrot with a red tail, and they thought it was Patxi, but when the familiy arrived at the place where he was found, they realised that it was not their parrot, "because it was smaller, it had a ring and the chip was not the same as Patxi's", says Marga, sadly.

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