Lidl ice cream recalled in Spain because it may contain 'foreign bodies'
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Lidl ice cream recalled in Spain because it may contain 'foreign bodies'

The German supermarket chain has warned of the possible presence of "metallic" fragments and stressed that it should not be consumed "under any circumstances"

Rossel Aparicio


Tuesday, 21 November 2023, 17:33


A new food alert has been issued in Spain, this time concerning a vanilla ice cream from Germany distributed by the Lidl supermarket chain. This has been communicated by the Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition (Aesan), which has learned of this alert notification from the German health authorities on a vanilla ice cream of the Bon Gelati brand, due to the presence of "metallic fragments". The product has already been ordered to be withdrawn from distribution channels and users have been advised not to consume the product "under any circumstances".

Apparently, it was the supermarket company itself - Lidl Stiftung & Co. KG - which reported the incident to the relevant authorities, "in compliance with the law and in order not to make unsafe food available to the public'.

As a precautionary measure, it has requested the return of the Bon Gelati Bourbon Vanilla Flavour 2500ml ice cream with expiry dates 21/09/2025 and 22/09/2025, "as the possible presence of foreign bodies (metallic and plastic) cannot be ruled out". However, the company has also stressed that no other product of the Bon Gelati brand distributed by Lidl in Spain is affected by the alert.

"Due to the potential risk of injury, customers should exercise caution and if they have these products with the affected expiry dates, do not consume the product under any circumstances," the manufacturer said in an information note sent to its customers, in which it also apologised "for any inconvenience caused".

Image of vanilla ice cream affected by the alert.
Image of vanilla ice cream affected by the alert. SUR

The product data is as follows:

Product name (on label): Bon Gelati Bourbon Vanilla Flavour

Brand name: Bon Gelati

Product packaging: Plastic container

Lot numbers involved: L3 275 A01 with expiry date: 21.09.2025 and L3 276 A01 with expiry date 22.09.2025.

Unit weight/vol: 2500 ml

Temperature: frozen

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