Leading consumer association reveals the best and worst rated supermarkets in Spain

Leading consumer association reveals the best and worst rated supermarkets in Spain

The OCU's annual satisfaction survey gathered the opinions of more than 4,000 customers nationwide to analyse 38 different store chains, both nationally and more locally

Tuesday, 9 January 2024, 16:47


Which are the best rated supermarkets in Spain? And the worst? For yet another year, the country's Organisation of Consumers and Users (OCU) has published the results of its now customary satisfaction survey. A barometer that serves to find out the opinions of customers and their preferences when it comes to filling their shopping basket. On this occasion, the association has relied on the assessments of more than 4,000 members, who have shared their shopping habits for food, drugstore and hygiene products in various establishments, both physical stores and online. A total of 38 chains were analysed, both nationally and more locally.

Why choose one supermarket over another?

Let's start with this question. Anyone would think that price is the first likely answer. However, according to the OCU, despite being a "fundamental" reason - and even more so in these difficult inflationary times - the price is neither the main nor the only reason why the consumer decides that a store will become his or her favourite. "There are other reasons that weigh more heavily in the decision, especially practical issues, such as the proximity or accessibility of the facilities, the assortment and variety of products and brands, quality, promotions and discounts and opening hours are also valued, although less so," the study concluded.

How often?

Some 54% of the survey's respondents go to the supermarket once or twice a week. And almost 6 out of 10 said they use the car to go shopping. Dairy products, food in general (oils, pasta, rice, tinned food, etc.), fruit, cleaning and hygiene products and drinks are the products that most people buy at the supermarket. Among fresh food, six out of ten normally buy fruit and vegetables in the supermarket. Half - 50% - also buy meat, but the percentage of those who also buy fresh fish drops to 42%, as they prefer to go to the fishmonger's or to a market. Bakeries and bakeries are also the preferred option for most people when buying bread: only 35% take advantage of their visit to the supermarket to buy their daily bread.

Among the 38 supermarket chains analysed, Hipercor, El Corte Inglés and Aldi (with a score of 76-77 points out of 100) are the best rated at national level. At the online level, Mercadona leads the ranking, becoming the best rated supermarket for filling the shopping basket at the click of a mouse, according to the OCU survey. It is followed by El Corte Inglés and Día, while Alcampo is the least liked by shoppers who do not visit the supermarket physically.

Regional supermarket chains

Considering the regional chains, the Catalan stores Esclat and Bon Preu lead the ranking of the supermarkets most appreciated by their customers, together with the American Costco. Spar and Condis (with 62-63 points out of 100) are the least valued. At the bottom in Spain are Eroski and Día (with 65-55 points out of 100). Mercadona received 69 points out of a maximum of 100 from customers. However, it was notable for the variety of its own-brand products.

Discounts and promotions

In terms of discounts and promotions, the most satisfied users are those who shop at Esclat, Costco and Carrefour hypermarkets. In terms of product range - another basic criterion for consumers when shopping - Esclat, Hipercor and El Corte Inglés stand out, as well as Alcampo.

In terms of the quality of fresh food, the ranking is led by Costco, followed by Esclat, Hipercor, El Corte Inglés and Plusfrésc, while Dia has the lowest ratings. In the case of fresh fish, the last positions go to Covirán, BonÀrea and Aldi.

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