Ten recommended places to celebrate International Croquette Day today

Ten recommended places to celebrate International Croquette Day today

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There are many bars and restaurants in Malaga province which stand out with their versions of this fried delicacy, which is recognised on 16 January every year

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Monday, 16 January 2023


Out of all the celebrations on Spain's calendar, the International Croquette Day certainly stands out as a more unusual. The festival, which departs from the usual celebration of saints or regions, embraces the deep-fried filled balls which are made in thousands of bars and restaurants across the world. In Malaga, there are many eateries which have dedicated themselves to this famous dish. Here are just some of the places where these croquettes can be found.

Traditional croquettes - Los Curros

The croquettes found in the Los Curros restaurant in Ciudad Jardín are a neighbourhood favourite. They are made in using a traditional method and have a dedicated fan base. A portion costs 9.50 euros.


Calle Juan Montes Hoyo, 11. Contact: 952 653 821

The Malaga puchero croquette - El Botijo

The owners of this restaurant claim that their croquettes are "happiness on a plate". One of the best-selling dishes is the puchero (the filling's base is a tasty broth with meat) croquettes which are served with a small amount of aioli in the centre of the plate. A portion costs 9 euros.


Avenida de los Guindos, 33. Contact: 952 246 784

Puchero or garlic chilli prawn croquettes - El Pimpi

This popular restaurant in Malaga city centre boasts a selection of homemade croquettes. There are traditional puchero (the filling's base is a tasty broth with meat) and garlic chilli prawn varieties. A portion costs 11 euros


Calle Granada, 62. Contact: 952 22 54 03.

Pine nut croquettes - Los Hidalgo

The pine nut croquettes are one of the Los Hidalgo most famous dishes. They have been made daily in the restaurant since 1968, and a portion costs 9 euros.


Calle Duque de la Victoria, 8. Contact: 952 259 222

Prawn croquette - Mi Niña Lola

Mi Niña Lola, one of the most talked-about openings of the last year in Malaga, offers an original twist on the classic prawn croquette, made with bechamel sauce, prawn and bacon. One larger than usual croquette is served, and costs 6 euros


Calle Campos Elíseos s/n. Contact: 951 312 710

Bull's tail and ham - El Rincón de Lola

This restaurant located in Huelin offers gourmet croquettes which are regularly changed under the instruction of the head chef. A portion of the bull's tail and ham croquettes costs 10.50 euros.


Plaza Moreno Villa, 9. Contact: 601 252 736

Seafood or puchero croquettes - Élite Café

This Soho restaurant is the winner of the second the croquette route competition celebrated last April in the neighbourhood. The seafood and puchero croquettes were the ones which swayed the judges. The café opens for breakfast and the croquettes can be taken away.


Calle Vendeja, 30. Contact: 952 755 765

Iberico ham - Tragatá, Ronda

"The croquettes which mothers and grandmas go crazy for". This restaurant located in Ronda sets the expectations high. A portion made with Iberico ham comes with four croquettes and costs 11.50 euros.


Calle Nueva, 4, Ronda. Contact: 952 877 209

Choco croquettes - Lobito de Mar, Marbella

The Lobito de Mar bar located in Marbella offers choco (cuttlefish) croquettes. "We serve a generous portion to avoid conflicts." A portion comes with six pieces and costs 12 euros.


Av. Bulevar Príncipe Alfonso de Hohenlohe, 178. Marbella. Contact: 951 554 554

An assortment of croquettes - La Caliza

This restaurant offers a wide variety of croquettes which come in different flavours. A portion of homemade croquettes comes with 12 pieces and costs 14.40 euros. Customers can choose between bull tail, mushrooms, ham or chicken.


Avenida Cueva del Tesoro, 16. La Cala del Moral. Contact: 666 466 173

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