Spain's Imserso subsidised holiday scheme for resident pensioners offers 816,000 trips for new season

The cut-price holiday scheme, sponsored by the Spanish government, is offering more culture and nature-filled breaks for its autumn programme


The Spanish government's Imserso holiday scheme for pensioners has more than 810,000 tourist packages up for grabs for the new season along the peninsular's coast, the islands and in inland areas of Spain.

Cultural and nature-related activities are at the forefront of the latest offerings. And the organisers have designed packages that grant more autonomy to the holidaymakers so that they can use their private vehicle to make certain trips. There are also many shorter duration packages available for the busy pensioner.

“Inland, cultural and nature tourism is increasingly in demand by pensioners," said Luis Alberto Barriga, Imserso's general director.

Imserso has seen a huge demand, with some 90 per cent of the packages snapped up in just four days. Depending on the dates, and type of accommodation, prices range from 405 euros (the cost of a ten-day stay in the Canary Islands), to 116 euros for four days in a provincial capital.

The new season offerings begin from September 20 and are available to all pensioners legally resident in Spain, regardless of income.