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Popular toy store chain closes its doors, both large and small, for good in Spain

Popular toy store chain closes its doors, both large and small, for good in Spain

Imaginarium has said goodbye to its customers via social media just a few days after its website went offline, with a message addressed, "Dear families, mums, dads, grandparents..."

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Tuesday, 2 April 2024, 18:59


Two blue arch-like doors. One large and one small. This was what the entrance to the Spanish toy shop chain Imaginarium looked like and how any child (regardless of age) will remember a trip to the popular store. However, the blue doors have closed for good.

The company has announced via social media that it is to close the shutters, large and small, of all its shops in Spain. "Dear families, mums, dads, grandparents... you may have noticed that our website has been down for a few days now. We have held on until the last moment, until our last breath, to 'press the button' and say goodbye," the store chain wrote on their Facebook account. "With a heart full of mixed emotions and after many years, we are sad to inform you that Imaginarium is coming to an end," continued the statement from the popular toy shop.

After more than 30 years of being one of the favourite places among Spain's young and not so young, the toy store, which was born in Zaragoza with its own design and brand, will close its doors definitively. It does so after having been listed on the Alternative Stock Market until 2022, when it was excluded.

Most sincere gratitude

Nearly 800 workers, 420 shops in 20 countries: these were the best figures ever accumulated by Imaginarium and the reason why the company wanted to show its "most sincere gratitude". Not only to the customers, for their "loyalty and support over the years", but also to all the staff who have worked for the company, for their "hard work and dedication".

The company went on to thank staff and customers for having "fought to the end, right up to the last minute" and added, "It has been an honour and a privilege to be part of your life and that of your children, providing them with moments of joy and fun through our toys."

"We say goodbye with gratitude and in the knowledge that we have contributed to making the world a better place," the company said. The toy company has provided customers with an email address ( for any queries.

Other toy shops forced to close

Imaginarium is not the only toy company that has been forced to close its doors. Poly Juguetes filed for voluntary insolvency proceedings in March and opened collective redundancy proceedings for the termination of all of the company's 186 workers.

The toy store, which is part of Teal Group Holdings, a family of brands that also includes The Entertainer, Early Learning Centre and Addo, considers it "unfeasible" to maintain the business in Spain, where it has around thirty shops, as the conditions are not suitable for it.

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