The most popular dishes ordered at homes across Spain, by region. SUR
Home-delivery food map of Spain: who likes what and where

Home-delivery food map of Spain: who likes what and where

A new study has revealed what is most popular in each region of the country

Juan Soto


Friday, 14 April 2023, 13:09

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Beyond the accent or the way people expresses themselves, Spaniards also differ from one region to another by what they put in their mouths.

This, at least, was confirmed by the GastroEspaña ranking, a study carried out by the home-delivery company Glovo, which pointed out that Spain was a country of croquettes and omelettes, with some specific differences throughout the autonomous communities. Andalusians, for example, were more into serranito (a warm, filled bread roll) and ensaladilla rusa (Russian salad).

The second edition of the national GastroEspaña barometer revealed that people in Andalucía ordered more than 80,000 serranitos at home last year, with the most popular being chicken, pork, sirloin and Iberian pork. The city with the highest number of orders was Sevilla, followed by Algeciras. By establishments, the favourites were those offered by the family restaurant Hermanos Morales, in Sevilla, which created the famous recipe in 1980 and had 40 years of experience in the sector.

Malaga, along with Cordoba and Aguadulce, was the city that ordered the most salmorejo for home delivery.

The ensaladilla was the second most requested dish in Andalucia, according to the survey. Last year, more than 57,000 portions were ordered, 66% more than the previous year. By provinces, Huelva and Sevilla led the ranking with the highest number of orders. Specifically, Huelva's favourite Russian salad was found in the restaurant, Fonda de María Mandao.

The Andalucians gave third place to salmorejo, which this year overtook gazpacho. In total, 14,000 units of salmorejo were ordered by Glovo throughout the region, with Cordoba, Aguadulce and Malaga being the cities with the highest demand for the dish.

And for those with a sweet tooth, torrija, for the second year running, once again was the favourite among Andalucians, especially due to its great demand during Lent and Easter. In 2022, 1,600 units of torrija were delivered to homes. Of the total, 83% were delivered during the Easter days.

By region, croquettes and potato omelette were the most popular dishes in the regions of Madrid, Aragon, Catalonia and the Canary Islands.

In the Valencian Community, croquettes were still the most popular, but paella had been added, while in Galicia they opted for padrón peppers and Galician-style octopus.

In the Asturias and Castile-León, cachopo was the most popular dish (as well as croquettes in Asturias and black pudding in Castile-León), and in Cantabria, rabas and tortilla.

In Murcia the favourite dishes were salmorejo and ensaladilla.

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