Have you received a text from TikTok with a job offer? Be careful, it's a scam
Scam warning

Have you received a text from TikTok with a job offer? Be careful, it's a scam

The Spanish message states the jobs start at 50 euros a day, are part-time, and with minimal qualifications needed

Thursday, 21 March 2024, 12:11


Spanish consumer group Facua has issued a warning about a new smishing scam where cyber criminals pretending to be from TikTok are offering fake jobs. Victims receive an SMS text message supposedly sent by the "TikTok promotion department" stating they are looking for "5,000 part-time employees", promising daily pay starting at 50 euros, with new employees receiving five euros "immediately".

"The work is very simple and has no time restrictions. You can join from any country or region with access to TikTok. You can work from home," the cybercriminals state in the text message. In order to get more information about this job offer, such as salary details, people are then asked to access a link to a website. "The number of the contact sending the message is 648 43 40 14, although other similar numbers cannot be ruled out," Facua pointed out.

Tips to avoid scams

Facua recommends being wary of job offers with few requirements and a high salary, as well as always checking whether the company exists. Never making transfers or any other bank activity to unknown accounts or numbers, the consumer group warned.

If you have already been a victim of this scam, you should contact your bank. It is also advisable to file a complaint with National Police, providing any evidence such as conversations with the fraudsters and receipts of the bank transfers made.

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