The National Police force is warning people to be on their guard. Arun Sankar / AFP
National Police in Spain warn of new scam circulating on WhatsApp

National Police in Spain warn of new scam circulating on WhatsApp

It is a very attractive job offer, for which a high salary is promised, but authorities are urging people not to be fooled as some victims have already been swindled out of up to 11,000 euros

Daniela Londoño

Tuesday, 2 April 2024, 19:10


The National Police force in Spain has issued a warning about a scam circulating on WhatsApp where cybercriminals are offering people to get paid for 'liking' content on social media.

Victims are randomly contacted via the popular messaging app where cybercriminals then pretend to be from the human resources department of a company who are looking for staff to 'like' content on social media. It is a very attractive offer, for which a high salary is promised.

However, the offer starts to blur when the recruiter says that a small amount of money must be invested to get started. This is the only way for interested people to get their first order of "likes" and then get paid for it. In some cases, although the deal may initially be fulfilled, the trap is that the request for money for "orders" in return does not stop. Cybercriminals then accumulate this money and at some point will cut off communication with the victim without refunding previous payments.

According to investigations carried out by the force's economic crime group, several complaints about this scam have been received in Zaragoza. Some victims were swindled out of up to 11,000 euros. Authorities are recommending people to be wary of these types of offers that promise work in exchange for small payments, or well-paid work that does not require much effort.

Anyone who has fallen victim to this scam should contact their bank and report it to the authorities. You should collect all documentation related to the scam, such as telephone numbers, conversation history, and proof of payments.

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