Conventional roads like the one in the image have the highest number of fatal accidents among motorcyclists. SUR
Four out of ten motorcyclists’ fines are for speeding

Four out of ten motorcyclists’ fines are for speeding

Conventional roads are the worst for this type of dangerous offence

Antonio Contreras

Friday, 1 December 2023, 10:09


Excessive speed is dangerous regardless of the number of wheels our vehicle has, although for motorbikes the consequences pose a much greater risk. The traffic authority (DGT), in its latest campaign, warns that there is an increase in speeding offences by motorbike riders. In police controls of 14,533 motorcyclists, there were 617 fines handed out, of which 252 were for speeding. And 251 of these 252 offences took place on conventional roads, considered the most dangerous type.

Shockingly, seventy-seven per cent of fatal accidents involving motorcyclists take place on conventional roads. For this reason, the Guardia Civil’s traffic division focused its efforts on these roads, where 10,906 of the total controls were carried out.

The number of speeding offences represents an increase of more than one hundred per cent compared to the same campaign carried out last year. However, not all the news is bad: compared to last year, the number of offences for driving under the influence of alcohol (12) and other types of drugs (15) has reduced.

Offences for driving without the ITV in force (69) and driving without a silencer (59), were the most common sanctions throughout this campaign. Also highlighted were the number of offences for driving without mandatory insurance (22), not having the driver's documentation (21), negligent or reckless driving (12) or not wearing a helmet, or doing so improperly (12).

To reduce the probability of suffering injuries, motorcyclists must respect the rules of the road at all times. It is very important to wear appropriate clothing and protection, such as gloves, a jacket that has protection on the back, shoulders and elbows, high boots, knee pads and long trousers made of a thick fabric.

It is also crucial to keep the bike up to date. Poorly maintained tyres, and brakes, among other elements, such as the chain, can cause the rider to lose control of the motorcycle.

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