Juan Carlos at Sanxenxo in May 2022. EFE
Former king returns to Spain from Abu Dhabi next week to compete in sailing regatta

Former king returns to Spain from Abu Dhabi next week to compete in sailing regatta

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Juan Carlos, who will first hold a private meeting with King Charles III in London, does not plan to travel to the Zarzuela palace in Madrid to meet family members this time

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Wednesday, 12 April 2023, 16:26


In August 2020 former king Juan Carlos took up residence in Abu Dhabi with the intention of returning periodically to Spain, but the complicated judicial situation in which he was immersed prevented him from doing so. It was not until last May, with the three cases being studied in the Supreme Court having been shelved, that the Emeritus King fulfilled his wish to return to Spanish soil when he took part in the Sanxenxo sailing regatta in Galicia.

Now, once again, Juan Carlos I is preparing to return to Spain. He will do so on Wednesday 19 April. And the chosen destination will again be Sanxenxo. He is returning to compete with the Bribón crew in the Spanish Cup in the six-metre class. It will be a whirlwind visit, from Wednesday to Sunday, the day on which he plans to return, on a private flight, to Abu Dhabi. And this time the former king is not expected to conclude his trip with a family lunch at the Zarzuela palace, as happened in May last year.

The Royal Household, for the moment, is keeping quiet about Don Juan Carlos' visit to Spain, although it is aware of it, to the point that it advised him not to travel in mid-May, as he had planned, so that his stay would not coincide with the election campaign for the municipal and regional elections on 28 May.

Before arriving in Pontevedra, Felipe VI's father will make a stop in London, where he will meet King Charles III at a private lunch. This meeting is due to the strong friendship and family ties that unite the current King of England with Don Juan Carlos. In fact, it was at the funeral for Queen Elizabeth II, last September, that the first public meeting between King Philip and his father took place.

In March 2020, Felipe announced he was renouncing his inheritance from Don Juan Carlos and at the same time withdrew the allowance the former king had been receiving from the Crown until then. Reports of the emeritus' hidden fortune led the King to cut off his father in order to try to put a firewall between the scandals of Juan Carlos I and the Royal Family.



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