Cyclists should cross on foot / SUR

Hefty fines for riders who cycle across pedestrian crossings in Spain

The Directorate-General for Traffic warns cyclists to dismount and cross on foot or face a fine


It is a common sight seen every day in cities and towns across Spain: cyclists riding across pedestrian crossings on bicycles. However, when cyclists do this, they are breaking the law and could face a hefty fine, the authorities are warning. If cyclists want to use a pedestrian crossing, they must get off their bike and walk across it.

“Contrary to what many cyclists think, bikes do not have priority on pedestrian crossings. To cross a pedestrian crossing, it is mandatory to get off the bike and cross it on foot,” the Directorate-General for Traffic (DGT) warned.

According to Spain’s traffic regulations, bicycles and electric scooters are considered two-wheel cycles in the same category as motorcycles. As a result, at a pedestrian crossing where people on foot have priority, cyclists must dismount.

The Law on Traffic, Motor Vehicle Circulation and Road Safety and the General Traffic Regulations also stipulates that any cyclist who violates this rule should be penalised.

Under article 65 of the law, failing to walk across a pedestrian crossing is considered to be a serious offence which could lead to a fine of up to 200 euros.