Experts warn that the 'most extreme heatwave of summer' could arrive in Spain in a few days
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Experts warn that the 'most extreme heatwave of summer' could arrive in Spain in a few days

From this weekend onwards a mass of very warm air will arrive that could cause temperatures to soar in many areas of the country, warns weather portal Meteored



Friday, 4 August 2023, 18:29

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In the last few hours in Spain, a cool polar air mass has reached a large part of the country, causing a significant drop in temperatures especially in the northern third of Spain. This has also brought better visibility and a somewhat drier atmosphere in the Mediterranean, as the humidity has been swept out to sea.

However, according to Samuel Biener, editor of the Meteored weather portal, the situation is set to change dramatically. "We have to take advantage of this respite, because next week a heatwave could arrive, and according to some weather models it could be the most extreme of the summer," Biener said.

"From Sunday until well into next week an episode of very high temperatures is forecast in many parts of Spain. Aemet [the Spanish Met Office] will probably issue a special warning," said José Luis Escudero, author of the SUR blog 'Tormentas y Rayos' (storms and lightning).

Biener said: "According to our reference model, between Tuesday and Saturday the 30C isotherm at about 1,500m could fly over the southern par of the mainland and the Canary archipelago. We would be talking about a very powerful and anomalous warm eruption, for these dates".

In view of this scenario, Meteored experts warned: "If the most current forecasts are maintained, we would be talking about an important episode of very high temperatures, most probably a heatwave. However, we will have to confirm the situation over the next few days in case the models to reduce the heat forecasts somewhat."

This weekend, temperatures will reach 43C in Badajoz and Seville, Meteored forecasts. From Sunday onwards, the temperature rise will be generalised and extreme values will be recorded in many areas of Spain. "At the moment, 44C is expected in Badajoz or Cordoba on Tuesday, and it will be around 43C in Seville, Jaén and Ourense. It would be close to 42C in Ciudad Real, Zamora and Cáceres," Meteored said.

In Malaga city, the Aemet state weather agency forecasts a maximum of 31C for Monday and Tuesday. However, in inland areas of the Guadalhorce valley the mercury will reach 35C. From Wednesday onwards, the heat will intensify with highs of around 40C in places such as Ronda, Antequera, Álora, Coín and Pizarra.

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