The Euthanasia Law came into force in June 2021. r.c.

Spain has helped 180 people 'die with dignity' in one year of its new Euthanasia Law

At an event to mark the anniversary of the new law, Health Minister Carolina Darias said that allowing people to die with dignity makes society more humane, just and decent



Friday, 24 June 2022, 13:16


In Spain there have been 180 cases of euthanasia in the past year, the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, has said this Friday (24 June) during an event to mark one year since the country's Euthanasia Law came into force.

The new law established that euthanasia can be carried out if it is the wish of patients who are suffering from serious, chronic and debilitating conditions or serious and incurable illness which causes intolerable suffering.

“These are 180 people who we have helped to die with dignity,” said Darias, who also described the law as enabling Spanish society to be “more humane, more just and more decent”.

During the event, which included a screening of the short 'El viaje a Islandia', by César Vallejo de Castro, the Minister stressed that when patients request euthanasia, the medical teams make sure that they fulfil all the criteria, are fully aware of what they are asking and are exercising their right without coming under pressure from anyone else.

“Thanks to this law coming into force, the National Health System is more inclusive and comprehensive for having this service. It is something that people have been requesting for a long time, and the government has responded to that,” she said.

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