Electricity prices rose by over 500 per cent in just a year. / EUROPA PRESS

Electricity price reached a record high in March, ending at 283 euros/MWh

Some days saw prices surge to 544 euros and with peaks of 700 euros, a rise of 528 per cent in just one year


March came to an end with the cost of generating electricity at 283 euros per megawatt hour. Prices during the month were the highest ever, with a few days when the cost of electricity soared to 544 euros/MWh, and occasional peaks of nearly 700 euros/MWh.

At this time last year the cost was 45 euros/MWh, which means it has risen by 528 per cent in 12 months.

Gas prices also reached a record high, reaching 227 euros/MWh because of the situation with Russia.