Electric scooters have been the cause of nearly 400 accidents and 18 deaths in Spain since 2021

The Mapfre Foundation has studied the incidence of accidents involving these personal mobility vehicles and where and why they have happened



Thursday, 29 September 2022, 07:50

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An analysis by the Mapfre Foundation based on news reports since 2021 has shown that electric scooters have been the cause of nearly 400 accidents and 18 deaths in Spain. The report showed that there have been 385 accidents involving these vehicles between January 2021 and the present, 83 of them serious.

The regions with the most serious accidents are Catalonia, with 22; the Balearic Islands with 18; Aragón, 11, and Andalucía and the Canary Islands with eight each.

Those with the highest number of deaths in accidents caused by electric scooters are Catalonia (6) and Madrid (3).

In this year so far, there have been 224 accidents in which five people lost their lives. The fatalities were in Alzira (Valencia), Zaragoza (two victims), Masquefa (Barcelona) and Roquetas de Mar (Almeria).

Last year 13 people died, 11 of them men. Five fell onto the ground, five collided with other vehicles and three were run over. The latter were elderly: two women and one man, in their late seventies.

Traffic authorities want insurance to be obligatory

The DGT traffic authorities are concerned about the problems associated with electric scooters and say they insurance needs to be obligatory.

The Mapfre study points out that companies which rent out electric scooters, such as Voi, Bolt, Lime and Link, for example, have taken measures to improve security and improve the coexistence between drivers and pedestrians and reduce injuries caused to users.

It refers to improvements in the design of electric scooters, with larger tyres and a greater ability to absorb irregular road surfaces, side reflectors, front and back indicators and a prototype of a storage container for a helmet.

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