Spain's DGT warns of fines of up to 500 euros and six points off your licence for doing this at a roundabout. ABC
Drivers in Spain can be slapped with a fine of up to 500 euros for doing any of these things on a roundabout
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Drivers in Spain can be slapped with a fine of up to 500 euros for doing any of these things on a roundabout

The Directorate-General of Traffic has reminded motorists of the five "most common and dangerous" mistakes made at roundabouts, which could hit your wallet and lose you points from your licence

Inés Romero


Sunday, 17 March 2024


Spain's Directorate-General of Traffic (DGT) has issued a reminder to motorists about its road rules and potential fines after 77 people were killed on the country's roads last month.

Punishments range from a fine or losing licence points to a driving ban or imprisonment in severe cases. The DGT pointed out that many "serious offences" are committed at roundabouts, with one in three drivers involved in accidents at roundabouts having made a serious mistake. "Some can end in accidents with fatal consequences," the DGT warned.

For this reason, the DGT pointed out the five "most common and dangerous" mistakes made at roundabouts.

Note: The Spanish points system gives 8 points to drivers who have held a licence for less than 3 years and 12 points for drivers who have held it for over 3 years. If no traffic offences are committed after 3 years drivers receive an additional 3 points.

1. Excessive speed

One of the most common offences is entering roundabouts at excessive speed. This can lead to collisions with other vehicles and poses a risk to pedestrians crossing the road at the exit of the roundabout.

A total of 8% of drivers involved in accidents on interurban roundabouts commit this type of offence, with the DGT pointing out "it may be a criminal offence if it endangers lives".

Punishment: Loss of six points on the licence and a 500-euro fine.

2. Entering without giving way

This offence refers to when a car enters the roundabout without giving way to those already on the roundabout. This can lead to a side collision with another vehicle. Also, any sudden braking can lead to collisions.

Punishment: Four points on the licence and 200-euro fine.

3. Changing lanes

Continuous lane changes, without prior signalling and without maintaining a safe distance, can cause side swipes and collisions due to sudden braking being required.

Punishment: 200-euro fine


4. Crossing from the inside

This offence is committed when a vehicle exits directly from an inside lane, crossing in front of the other lanes. It "causes a risk of collision with those driving correctly in the outside lane and a risk of collisions when braking sharply," the DGT said. "It is perhaps the most dangerous manoeuvre. Combined with speeding and a collision at an angle, it can compromise stability and even cause one of the vehicles involved to overturn," it added.

Punishment: Six points and 500-fine euro fine.

5. Leaving roundabout without giving way to a cyclist

This is the case when the driver of the car intends to exit the roundabout and does not pay attention to the cyclist, or does not signal when they're leaving the roundabout.

Punishment: Six points and 500-euro fine.

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