Domestic employees must not be paid less than the minimum wage, Spanish government warns

The salary can never be lower than the minimum wage and it cannot be offset by perks such as board and lodging


People who employ domestic help must not pay them less than the minimum wage, the Social Security department in Spain has warned.

Since 1 September 2021, the minimum wage for full time work was set at 1,125.83 euros per month, and that applies to cleaners and household staff as well.

For 35 hours a week, the minimum salary is 1,055.60 euros per month; 904.80 euros per month for 30 hours per week; 603.20 per month for 20 hours per week; and 452.40 euros per month for 15 hours of work per week.

For domestic employees the hourly wage is set as no lower than 7.55 euros and the employer may not reduce that wage because they house or feed, or offer any other kind of non-monetary benefit.