The Ascó nuclear power station in Tarragona. / EFE

One dead and three injured in Spanish nuclear power station accident

It happened during maintenance work at the facility in Tarragona, and the deceased is one of the onsite firefighters


One person died and three others were injured, one seriously, on Wednesday afternoon (24 November) as the result of a carbon dioxide leak at the Ascó nuclear power station in Tarragona, in Spain’s Catalonia region.

All four are workers at the facility and the deceased was a member of its internal firefighting team.

According to sources from the Bombers de la Generalitat, the accident happened when workers were recharging a CO2 fire-fighting system. For unknown reasons there was a leak and several people were affected by the carbon dioxide gas.

Sources stressed that the incident was "not linked to radiological activity" at Ascó. In fact, the power station continued to operate at all times.

The company that operates the power plant - which has two nuclear reactors – has not made any statement, according to the Mossos regional police force.