Covid incidence rate rises by 520 as Spain adds a record number of infections

The national rate stands at 2,295 coronavirus cases per 100,000 inhabitants and the Ministry of Health has notified 372,766 new positives


At the end of 2021 the experts had warned that the peak of coronavirus infections in Spain, mainly caused by the Omicron variant, was far from being reached. And the figures issued this Monday, 3 January, by the Ministry of Health proved them right.

There were 372,766 new cases of Covid in relation to the last report dated 30 December 2021. In just four days, Spain has gone from almost 6.3 million cases to just under 6.7, figures never seen before. In less than two weeks a million infections have been added when it took at least 4 months in the previous wave.

The number of Covid deaths officially recorded since the start of the pandemic amounts to a total of 89,573, after another 168 more were added since the last report.

There has been a vertiginous jump in the 14-day incidence rate of cases per one hundred thousand inhabitants. It has gone from 1,775 to 2,295, some 520 more.

The regions that had been reporting more cases continue in their ascending line: Navarra already has an incidence rate of 5,523 and the Basque Country, 4,142, well above the average. Others include Aragón, Castilla y León, La Rioja, Extremadura and Catalonia.

Also striking is the increase in the percentage of tests (antigen or PCR) that have been positive in recent days: if last week it was one in 4.9 was positive, now it is one in 3.5.

The occupancy of intensive care beds by Covid patients continues to grow, from 19.42 to 21.18 per cent.