Spain's El Corte Inglés store chain warns of job hoax circulating on the internet

Fraudsters are claiming that the Spanish company is looking for 200 part-time employees to expand the business


Spain's El Corte Inglés store chain has warned of a hoax that is circulating on the internet and social media networks. The message claims that the nationwide department store is looking for 200 part-time workers to expand the business.

"We want to inform all our customers that this message that is being spread on the internet is fake," El Corte Inglés has warned on social media networks.

The widespread hoax message states that the company 'elcorteingles' (all together, without accents or capital letters) "is looking for 200 employees to expand the company's business". The advertisement states that the salary is paid by the day and that those interested can work from home and earn between 50 and 200 euros per day. In order to attract potential workers with this hoax, the fraudsters give details of a contact telephone number where they can be contacted on WhatsApp.