The adverts are based on real stories and have been filmed in Asturias. rtve

Watch the moving trailers for Spain's Christmas lottery which will hand out 2.5 billion euros in prizes this year

The TV advertising campaign to encourage people to buy tickets has just begun and this year there are not one but three moving stories to warm the heart

Sara Rubio Blasco


Friday, 11 November 2022, 18:44


The national Christmas lottery in Spain marks the real start of the festive season and excitement starts to mount when the advertisement begins to be shown on TV. This year will be very novel, as instead of one advert there will be three, all based on real facts and all filmed in Asturias, in northern Spain.

With the caption “Extraordinary lottery full of extraordinary stories,” the publicity aims to appeal to the emotions and imbue viewers with the spirit of Christmas.

The first advert shows a fisherman finding a lottery ticket stuck to the window of his boat with a note saying “Three orchids, Julia”. The ticket wins a prize in the lottery on 22 December and he decides to find out who Julia is and give it to her.

The second features refugees from the Ukraine war. The protagonist, Vika, has begun a new life in Spain and has found a job. One of her colleagues, trying to help her settle in, suggests that they go halves on a ticket for the Christmas lottery.

And the third advert shows a shepherd who sets off on a journey with his sheep in bad weather after receiving a phone call. He is going to a hospital, where someone he loves has been admitted, and gives him a lottery ticket.

Over two billion euros in prize money

La Lotería de Navidad draw will take place on 22 December and give out 2.52 billion euros in prizes, 112 million more than last year. Christmas is said to be a time of hope, and that has never been more true than in Spain on 22 December every year.

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