The court handed down a 214-year prison sentence. / E.P.

Leader of child pornography network jailed for 214 years by a court in Spain

He was found guilty of distributing material of a sexual nature and grooming and using children, and has been ordered to pay 315,000 euros to 18 of his victims


A man has been sentenced to 214 years in prison for child pornography crimes and has been ordered to pay 315,000 euros to 18 of his victims. Another member of the same network was also sentenced to 19 years in jail for using children to produce pornographic material.

The court in Tarragona found that in May 2002 the leader of the group set up a company in Barcelona to sell magazines and video tapes by post, and used it to produce photographic and audiovisual reports of a sexual nature involving children, which were then distributed by post or via the internet.

In 2011 he moved to Tortosa (Tarragona), where the other person who has been convicted participated in creating some of the material involving children who went to his home.

The children were aged between 11 and 17 and in precarious or difficult circumstances. They were persuaded to participate by offering them small amounts of money or gifts to pose naked.

A search of the men’s homes after they were arrested revealed devices containing more than three million graphic files with different types of child pornography.