Chanel performs 'SloMo' as part of Madrid's San Isidro festivities. RICARDO RUBIO / E. P.

Watch as Chanel, Spain's new sweetheart, wows in Madrid

After landing third place in Eurovision, the singer was welcomed by crowds in Madrid, where she performed 'SloMo' in the Plaza Mayor

J. Moreno

Monday, 16 May 2022


After Spain's best Eurovision success in years, crowds packed into Madrid's iconic Plaza Mayor to welcome Chanel. Her performance was a last minute addition to a concert organised by Los 40 Classic as part of the city's San Isidro festivities. She sang 'SloMo', the song that catapulted her to third place in the international singing contest.

The square was filled to its maximum capacity, and hundreds of people had to stay outside, as 'Chanelmania' is born.

Chanel took to the stage at sunset and the atmosphere in the square was electric. She wore sunglasses because, according to her, she had conjunctivitis from all the tears of joy and emotion. “We feel like winners in our hearts,” said Chanel, admitting that it was “incredibly difficult” to get to Turin. “Thank you for getting on board with 'SloMo',” she told the crowd who were eagerly awaiting her perfomance. Her supporters were diverse, spanning all ages and waving the LGBT flag, the trans flag, and the national flag.

Carmen, a 30 year old from Madrid, came to watch the singer with her girlfriend. They are both long time fans of Eurovision, and were celebrating Chanel's third place in Chueca, Madrid's gay neighbourhood, with friends. “It's the equivalent the final of the football world cup for straight people,” she said with a laugh.

Criticisms and insults

In less than five months, Chanel Terrero has gone from being unknown to being the big musical revelation of the year. Her solo career didn't start easily. After winning the Benidorm Fest, the artist closed down all her social media to protect her mental health from the criticisms and insults from people who didn't support her victory. Even political parties such as Unidas Podemos or the trade union group CC OO in RTVE called for her win to be cancelled so that she didn't make it to Eurovision. Two days after the competition, even the harshest have to admit: Chanel is a star that Europe has fallen in love with.

“Honestly, I work for myself and for my team, not for anyone else. I don't work for bad energy, I work for a positive environment and to do good things. If people have stopped criticising me, it's because it happened naturally,” defended the singer, who entered Spanish Eurovision history by becoming the most supported representative with a total of 459 points. She received 231 from the international juries and 228 from the phone votes.

"Fear never made the history books"

“This has been incredible. We gave it our all and we're proud. I encourage anyone who feels in their heart that they want to take part, that they do it! Fear never made the history books. Art must always prevail,” said Chanel, who praised the winners from Ukraine, Kalush Orchestra. “I think it's wonderful that they won. We've supported them from the start. They're incredible.”

At 31 years old, the singer has sown the seed for a promising career. Before Eurovision, Chanel performed in musicals such as 'El Rey León' (The Lion King) and 'El Guardaespaldas' (The Bodyguard). She dabbled in acting in series such as 'Águila Roja' (Red Eagle). The singer feels connected to her roots in Olesa de Montserrat (Barcelona), and dedicated the success to her family, who supported her and accompanied her to Turin.





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