Around 1.5 million people in Spain hold a Cepsa loyalty card. Eduardo parra
Spanish fuel company offers discounts of up to 45 céntimos a litre to its most loyal customers

Spanish fuel company offers discounts of up to 45 céntimos a litre to its most loyal customers

It means that despite the increases in fuel prices, some clients are paying a similar price to that of April 2021 for petrol and that of last October for diesel A



Thursday, 14 April 2022, 13:22


The price war to attract customers among the biggest petrol station chains in Spain is continuing. Companies such as Repsol, Cepsa and BP are applying discounts which are more than the 20 céntimos per litre decreed by the government to help motorists and hauliers cope with the increased energy prices resulting from the war in Ukraine.

Cepsa has now gone a step further, so that many of its clients can fill their vehicles at prices which are similar to those of 2021. It is doing this by applying a further discount for holders of its loyalty cards, in addition to the government discount. These clients can save up to 45 céntimos a litre on fuel, which is around 25 per cent of the average price at Cepsa service stations in Spain.

In a statement the company said that such customers can save up to 16 euros when putting 35 litres of fuel in their vehicle, paying prices which are similar to those a year ago for petrol and October last year for diesel A.

People who have the Cepsa 'Porque Tú Vuelves' card – currently over one and a half million in Spain – are able to benefit from a discount of 30 céntimos per litre, which is an additional 10 céntimos directly from the company in addition to the 20 stipulated by the government.

And if they also pay with the Cepsa Visa card and present their Club Carrefour card they will receive an additional 10 per cent in discounts, bringing the total to 45 céntimos per litre. Hauliers who use Cepsa’s loyalty cards for professionals benefit from a saving of up to 30 céntimos per litre in addition to the current commercial discounts.

However, the company says that private and professional customers who do not have its loyalty cards also obtain a greater discount by using Cepsa filling stations, because it applies an additional reduction of five céntimos per litre, which is a saving of 25 céntimos a litre altogether.

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