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How much will a bottle of butane gas cost in Spain from today?

How much will a bottle of butane gas cost in Spain from today?

The new maximum price for a 12.5 kilo 'bombona' comes into effect this Tuesday 15 November



Tuesday, 15 November 2022, 10:32


The maximum price of a regular 12.5 kilo bottle of butane gas in Spain has changed today, Tuesday 15 November, and the good news is that it is lower. Nobody should now pay more than 18.58 euros for their ‘bombona’, as the price has dropped by 4.96%.

The reduction has been applied because the cost of raw materials has dropped by 10% in the past two months, despite freight costs rising by 24% and the dollar has continued to appreciate against the euro (+2.8%), according to figures from the Ministry of Ecological Transition.

The maximum price for bottled liquified petroleum gases (LPG) in containers of 8 to 20 kilos is set every two months on the third Tuesday of the month.

It is calculated on the basis of the cost of the raw material (propane and butane) on the international markets, the cost of transport and the evolution of the dollar-euro exchange rate. However any change in the price, upwards or downwards, is limited to 5%.




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