The moment of the goring.

Man dies after being gored during a running of the bulls event in a Madrid town

The Navalcarnero town hall decided to cancel the scheduled bull-running events on Sunday, but not the bull fights


A man died on Saturday night after he was gored during the third day of the running of the bulls in the Madrid region town of Navalcarnero.

The town council, on their social media networks, announced "with deep sadness" the death of one of the participants durirng the event, after being transferred to hospital. After the death was announced, the bull-running events were suspended but the bullfights in the following days continued.

The Asociación Taurina Encierros de Navalcarnero, the town’s bullfighting association, sent their condolences to family and friends as well as "a lot of encouragement and strength for such hard and difficult times."