The best bar in the world is in Spain

Some 650 independent experts have voted to compile The World's 50 Best Bars 2022 ranking. Here is the full list…


Which is the best bar? The one with the best prices? The one that serves as a meeting point with friends? A modern one or one with history? It is not easy to answer this question, because each customer will have their favourite bar or bars and there are many factors to take into account.

However, 650 independent experts have analysed and voted to select the best bar in the world, mainly focused on valuing drinks and cocktails above other factors. They have created The World's 50 Best Bars 2022, a list that each year names the most distinguished bars around the world. They are all establishments in large capitals: New York, London, Sydney, Milan, Singapore…

Of course, if Spain holds the record for being the country with the most bars and restaurants in the world by population density - according to the country’s National Institute of Statistics, in 2020 it had 277,539 catering establishments, one for every 175 inhabitants, it had to be represented on this list and it does so in style. The best bar in the world in this 2022 list is in Spain.

Specifically it is in Barcelona and it is the Paradiso cocktail bar, which has already been present on this list in other years, but not at No 1 position . It is a bar with a wide range of original cocktails at prices that are not excessively high, with a good atmosphere and long queues to enter. In addition they also give classes on 'mixology', which is the art of mixing drinks and cocktails.

But there are three other Spanish bars that are among the 15 best in the world: Sips, Two Schmucks and Salmon Guru, the first two also in Barcelona and the third in Madrid.

Here you can see the complete list:

No. 50 Bulgari Bar, Dubai

No. 49 Lucy's Flower Shop, Stockholm

No. 48 Bar Benfiddich, Tokyo

No. 47 Employees Only, New York

No. 46 L'Antiquario, Naples

No. 45 Galaxy Bar, Dubai

Nº 44 Carnival, Lima

No. 43 Himkok, Oslo

No. 42 Cochin China, Buenos Aires

No. 41 Ok Canteen, Sydney

No. 40 Red Frog, Lisbon

No. 39 Locale Firenze, Florence

No. 38 Zuma, Dubai

No. 37 A bar with shapes for a name, London

No. 36 Dante, New York

No. 35 1930, Milan

No. 34 Overstory, New York

No. 33 Manhattan, Singapore

No. 32 Baltra Bar, Mexico City

No. 31 Line, Athens

No. 30 Swift, London

No. 29 Maybe Sammy, Sydney

No. 28 Argo, Hong Kong

Nº 27 Three Monkeys, Buenos Aires

No. 26 Sidecar, New Delhi

No. 25 Kumiko, Chicago

No.24 Tropic City, Bangkok

No. 23 Satan's Whiskers, London

No. 22 Attaboy, New York

No. 21 Cafe La Trova, Miami

No. 20 Baba au rum, Athens

No. 19 The Clumsies, Athens

No. 18 Florist Atlantic, Buenos Aires

No. 17 Coa, Hong Kong

No. 16 Drink Kong, Rome

No. 15 Salmon Guru, Madrid

No.14 BBK Social Club, Bangkok

No. 13 Hanky ​​Panky, Mexico

No. 12 Jigger & Pony, Singapore

No. 11 Handshake Speakeasy, Mexico City

No. 10 Alchemical, Cartagena (Colombia)

No. 9 Katana Kitten, New York

No. 8 Connaught Bar, London

No. 7 Two Schmucks, Barcelona

No. 6 Double Chicken Please, New York

No. 5 Little Red Door, Paris

Nº 4 Licoreria Limantour, Mexico City

No. 3 Sips, Barcelona

No 2 Tayēr + Elementary, London

No. 1 Paradise, Barcelona