In a survey, 4% of Spanish families said they have had to stop buying some basic items. / efe

Basic food items rose in price five times higher than Spain's general Consumer Price Index in May

Bread went up nearly 10% in a single month, bananas by 9% and flour by 8%, according to figures from the Gelt consumer app. Figures for an average weekly shop show that it now costs an extra 7% since January


The weekly shop gets more and more expensive. Basic food products are going up in price almost daily, to such an extent that 4% of families in Spain can no longer afford to buy some of them, according to a survey carried out recently by Kantar. Looking at the latest figures, the price of basic products went up by five times more than the Consumer Price Index between April and May, an increase of 4.5% compared with the 0.8% rise in the general CPI rate.

Only one basic food item went up by less than the CPI: eggs, which according to the latest report from the Gelt consumer app, increased in price by 0.4% between April and May. Also, the price of apples remained stable. But the rise in the cost of everything else was alarming: bread went up by 9.6%, bananas by 8.6%, flour by 7.6%, cereals by 6.7% and green beans by 6.6%.

The study was based on a list of 18 products and half of them went up by more than 5% in a month. Figures for an average weekly shop since January show that it now costs an extra 7%, mainly because of the rate at which prices have increased in those five months, such as cereals (24%), vegetable oil (19%), eggs (17%), biscuits (14%) and flour (10%).

“We are experiencing a very difficult time for family budgets because of the tensions caused by increasing interest rates which affect mortgages, rising energy prices and a weekly shop which is getting more expensive all the time,” said José Luis Varela, the global Head of Data at Gelt, commenting on the latest report.