Antonio Banderas to produce Spanish version of Phantom of the Opera

Antonio Banderas to produce Spanish version of Phantom of the Opera

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The Malaga-born and based actor and director has joined forces with British composer Andrew Lloyd Webber and the show will premiere in Spain on 4 October

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Wednesday, 22 March 2023, 17:40

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The Malaga production company of Antonio Banderas and the British composer and producer Andrew Lloyd Webber, have joined forces and will premiere a Spanish version of The Phantom of the Opera on 4 October at the Albéniz Theatre in Madrid. This production will be the first of their joint collaboration project.

The 'Fantasma de la ópera' show that will arrive in Madrid will not copy those versions that already exist on Broadway in New York, or in the West End of London, where the work composed by Lloyd Webber premiered in 1986.

"More gothic"

"It's not a reproduction of the original version, it's a different version, a new production," Banderas explained.

“Perhaps it has a more gothic feel than the original, but the orginal score is respected. And it will be more transportable, somehow or other. You won't need such big theatres to stage it. This will also allow the production team to take the show to theatres in other countries such as Bolivia or Paraguay in Latin America, where there are no large spaces of this type either," he said.

Antonio Banderas, who at the moment is only involved in the production of the play, pointed out that he will not have a vote in the auditions for the cast. However, there are already three actors and part of the technical team lined up who have worked with him in his production of Company.

Sunset Boulevard

If the proposal is taken to other countries in the future, it is possible that Banderas could himself direct it, since that is what Lloyd Webber has asked him to do. The Malaga man also wants to produce Sunset Boulevard in the future. "I have a special liking for that title," he added.

Banderas clarified that unlike his Soho theatre project in Malaga, which "allows him to do things that he would not do if he wanted to make money", the production collaboration with the British composer, "is another story."

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