Banderas plays a mafia hitman in the action film. / sur

Date revealed for the latest Antonio Banderas action film to hit the cinemas in Spain

The Malaga-born actor plays a mafia hitman in The Enforcer, which also stars Kate Bosworth, Natalie Burn and rapper 2 Chainz


Antonio Banderas may be fully involved in his Soho Theatre in Malaga but he still makes films when he finds them interesting. After making Official Competition last year, this year he is starring in the action movie The Enforcer, which will be in Spanish cinemas from 9 November.

Produced by Millenium and directed by Richard Hughes, The Enforcer is about a Miami mob hitman who stands up to the organisation he works for when his conscience obliges him to do the opposite of what he is used to: save a young woman. As well as Antonio Banderas in the leading role of the hitman Cuda, the cast includes Kate Bosworth, Natalie Burn and the keenly-awaited screen debut of American rapper 2 Chainz, who plays a mafia boss. The film is set in Miami, but was filmed in Europe, mainly in Greece.

Although the producers were considering stars including Wesley Snipes, La Roca, Jamie Foxx and Samuel L Jackson to play the hitman Cuda, they quickly decided on Banderas after he auditioned for the role .

Company on tour

The premiere of the film will coinicde with the launch of the album Company, the show which was performed at Banderas' Soho Theatre in Malaga last year; it is the first Spanish recording of the iconic musical by Stephen Sondheim and George Furth, and is available on streaming and digital platforms. The CD will go on sale in Spain on 11 November.

Antonio Banderas played the role of Bobby in the show in Malaga and he will be doing so again when it moves to Madrid, to the recently-restored Universal Music Hotel Teatro Albéniz, on 17 November.