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Fifth edition of SIX magazine released for Pride month

Fifth edition of SIX magazine released for Pride month

The SUR publication, which celebrates the LGBT community, can now be picked up free in various locations across the province

Cristina Pinto


Friday, 2 June 2023, 10:09

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On Wednesday this week the fifth edition of SIX magazine was launched at Hotel Meliá Costa del Sol in Torremolinos, two days before the beginning of Pride celebrations in the town. The magazine can now be picked up free in locations across the province.

The event started with SUR journalist Iván Gelibter’s emotional tribute to Sandra Almodóvar, who was the front page of SIX’s first edition and who sadly passed away last week.

“She spoke with a kindness and politeness that contrasted with everything she had faced in her life; a raid on the Pasaje Begoña in Torremolinos put her in prison and she was badly treated,” Gelibter explained.

Like the example of Sandra, it is important to tell the stories of members of the LGBT community and the challenges they have overcome. The magazine has testimonies full of diversity and hope, contributing to making our society more fair. Next to speak at the event was Manolo Castillo, editor-in-chief of SUR. In response to why the newspaper started and has continued SIX magazine, Castillo said “Because a newspaper reflects the reality we live in and it was unthinkable to turn our backs on the community. We are fortunate lots of people at SUR are involved and committed to sustaining it; hence we are the only newspaper in Spain that has a publication like this.”

The magazine has been made possible thanks to those sharing their stories, SUR journalists and other partners such as the Andalusian government, Torremolinos council and Turismo Costa del Sol.

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