There was great interest in the content of the latest edition of SIX. ñito salas
SIX: a colourful, diverse and exciting look towards an inclusive future

SIX: a colourful, diverse and exciting look towards an inclusive future

The SUR magazine, which is also published online, was launched in Torremolinos at an event attended by authorities and representatives of the LGBT community

Claudia San Martín


Thursday, 19 May 2022, 13:20


SIX is a different type of look at the six colours that represent so many: a flag which serves as a shield with which to defend diversity, in 100 full'colour pages. The magazine is published by SUR and is free, and content can also be read online on the website in Spanish and English.

At the launch of the fourth edition at the Hotel Meliá in Torremolinos on Wednesday evening, there was an air of anticipation as those present waited to find out what is in this unique magazine which featured drag sensation Alma de Soul on the front cover.

They were not disappointed. Inside its pages, to coincide with the return of Pride to Torremolinos, are interviews with some of today’s best-known drag queens, giving a much more intimate perspective of their characters. The magazine had also visited the homes of creative couples, taken a look at the search for love via dating apps and talked to María Peláe in a personal interview.

As Iván Gelibter, the editor and coordinator of this edition, told those present, “SIX started four years ago as the first magazine dedicated to the LGBT community ever to be published in this country. I can say with pride that it still is”.

Afterwards, the editor-in-chief of Diario SUR, Manuel Castillo, paid tribute to “the special energy” generated by each presentation of the magazine: “The aim of SIX is for it to be published and not to be seen as extraordinary. It still takes hard work to produce it, but we are determined to continue to win small battles,” he said, and pointed out that this is the aim of journalism: to feature realities that are sometimes silenced.

The Junta de Andalucía’s Minister for Equality, Social Policies and Conciliation, Rocío Ruiz, gave an emotional speech which was filled with affection for the LGBT community, and referred to freedom of the press and human rights: “We need a free press, committed to the values of democracy, such as this wonderful magazine. Now it is more necessary than ever to be brave and say ‘enough’, and end discrimination and violence”.

Then, addressing Manuel Castillo, she said “I think you are brave people. Human rights can not be negotiated, blackmailed or sold”. She also said that Andalucía is diverse and inclusive. “We are proud of belonging to society, but everyone has to get involved,” she said

Poet Violeta Niebla, a collaborator with SIX, also talked of her experience with magazines from adolescence and how little she identified with the stories of heterosexual couples. Her considered and poetic discourse raised some laughs from the audience, and she finished by thanking SIX for its diverse and inclusive content, with which she identifies. "The teenage Violeta would have loved it," she said.

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