Reaching senior status

In these days of sickness and strife there must be few people over a certain age who have not given more than a fleeting thought to their own mortality. Our alimentary habits have been changed by the circumstances and we do things differently now - or try to.

General sales statistics show, unsurprisingly, that home alcohol consumption is up, as is spending on takeaway fare, so are we concerned that we are drinking more and eating less healthy food?

We are bombarded from birth with messages about how we should avoid certain types of diet, and of course alcohol is the devil's way of making sure we meet an early end. The formula: no sugar, no alcohol and less fat, but do we care as much as we used to? If we are middle-aged or less we want to live forever, but as we start nudging what is politely referred to as senior status, perhaps we can relax to a certain degree and think less on what will happen to us if we exceed those unsubstantiated and completely mythical guidelines that governments publish from time to time.

Nobody really knows what drink consumption is safe, mainly because clinical trials are impossible to carry out. They need thousands of participants in controlled experiments monitored 24/7 for many years. Impossible. We are left with the sensible (too sensible?) conclusion that we should eat and drink what we like - in moderation, although in these stressful times we should possibly let ourselves go a little if we are attaining that senior status.

Any volunteers?