Worst supermarkets for slow checkout queues in Spain named

Worst supermarkets for slow checkout queues in Spain named

An OCU satisfaction study carried out among nearly 5,500 customers reveals the supermarkets to skip if you want to avoid being held up at the till



Wednesday, 8 February 2023, 15:01

A survey by Spain's OCU consumers' organisation has detailed which supermarkets are the worst for slow check-out queues. Based on quizzing 5,415 shoppers, the findings were published in the January edition of the magazine Compra Maestra (Shopping Maestro).

The OCU asked respondents to rate - from 1 to 100 - different aspects related to the two supermarkets they have frequented the most. Part of the survey included a section which measures satisfaction with checkout speed.

The verdict was that Covirán leads the way among supermarkets in Malaga province, with 76 points out of 100, followed by Supercor (with 75 points) and Mercadona and Eroski (both with 71 points).

The worst performers, according to respondents, were Lidl, with 60 points out of 100, and Supersol and Alcampo (both with 62 points).

The survey also found the majority of respondents (57 per cent) shop between one and two times a week. More than half travel to the shops by car (59 per cent, two per cent less than in 2021) and mornings and early afternoon are by far the favourite times for shopping.



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