Paramedics arrived quickly but in both cases it was too late. / sur

Two workplace deaths on same day investigated in Malaga province

In separate incidents the workers complained of feeling very hot and then collapsed, one was in Campanillas and the other was at the cemetery in Alozaina


Thursday 15 December was a tragic day for accidents in the workplace as two men lost their lives in Malaga province: one in Campanillas and the other in Alozaina.

The first death occurred in the Santa Rosalia district of Campanillas, when a 59-year-old warehouse worker collapsed and fell to the floor around 11.15 in the morning after telling colleagues he suddenly felt very hot. Although an ambulance arrived very quickly after being called, he had died by the time the paramedics reached him.

The second incident was around 12.30pm when a 58-year-old man fell from scaffolding at the cemetery in Calle Camino del Mercado in Alozaina. It seems he had also told colleagues that he felt very hot, and after removing some clothing to try and cool down he became dizzy and fell from a height of two metres above the ground before fellow workers could do anything to prevent it.

Police and Guardia Civil officers arrived on the scene and tried to revive him while the ambulance was on its way, but could do nothing to save his life.

Both incidents are being investigated in case they are considered work-related.