Will it rain this weekend in Malaga and on the Costa del Sol?
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Will it rain this weekend in Malaga and on the Costa del Sol?

The month of August is drawing to an end with a real mixed bag of weather. But what lies in store for Saturday and Sunday, the first weekend of September?

Almudena Nogués


Tuesday, 29 August 2023, 11:56


The end of August has been a real mixed bag in Spain in terms of the weather. Over the last few days, the arrival of a fresh air mass has left temperature values more typical of mid-September in several regions of the country. And everything indicates that the instability will continue. The state weather agency (Aemet) has warned this week we can expect a week "colder than normal" across almost all of Spain. "During the last few days of August it is possible that it will rain in many areas", it warned.

Malaga province will not escape this scenario either. The forecast for now points to moderate temperatures that will not exceed 30C from Wednesday onwards. Sunday will be the coolest day, with the mercury fluctuating between a minimum of 19 and a maximum of 24, a temperature more autumnal than summery. In addition, there could be a surprise. Although it is still too early to say for sure, Aemet has set the probability of showers in the province between Saturday and Sunday at between 60 and 65%.

Samuel Biener, of the weather portal Meteored has warned that from Thursday onwards we will have to pay attention to an appearance of a cold front in the Atlantic. "On Friday this cold air will already be in the vicinity of the mainland and could break away from the polar jet, generating a Dana or 'cold drop' system with an erratic and uncertain evolution", he pointed out. If this forecast is correct, the rains and storms could be very intense, locally torrential in some areas of the country during the weekend. "The depression has the appearance of being exceptional due to its depth and the date on which it could arrive, with the Mediterranean Sea still very warm, which tends to increase the potential for episodes of rainfall considerably," he added.

José Luis Escudero, head of the SUR weather blog 'Tormentas y Rayos' (storms and lightning" agreed: "The two main weather models today place a depression in Cabo de San Vicente from Saturday onwards. The European model would leave it in that area and the American model moves it through the Strait of Gibraltar to later be located near Cabo de Gata. In terms of accumulated rainfall, the provinces of Granada and Almeria would benefit the most, although the European model predicts that Malaga would not be too bad". However, given the difficulty involved in weather map modelling, we will have to wait a few days to get a more accurate forecast.

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