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Umbrellas at the ready: rain may finally be on the way, say weather experts

A cold front generated from ex-hurricane Martin will be crossing Andalucía from west to east on Tuesday evening and may bring rain to Malaga province on Wednesday


Is the weather about to change? Is the long-awaited rain finally going to arrive? Meteorologists believe it could be.

On his SUR blog Tormentas y Rayos, José Luis Escudero has said that a cold front generated by ex-hurricane Martin could make its way across Andalucía from west to east on Tuesday evening, bringing rain to Huelva, Seville, Malaga and Cordoba provinces on Wednesday. As much as 25mm is expected to fall in some areas.

Spain's Aemet weather agency is giving a 50% chance of rain in Malaga city on Wednesday, but says the probability is more like 100% in Ronda and other inland areas. By the end of the week it is 65% to 100%, especially on the Malaga coast where there could be strong easterly winds. Marbella and Estepona are expected to receive the most rain on Friday.

Instability in Andalucía but fine elsewhere

The weather situation is expected to be unstable all across Andalucía on Friday, while other parts of the country will see mostly clear skies. “Temperatures will drop in the Mediterranean region and both archipelagos, but rise elsewhere. Winds will be predominantly from the south and east, with strong gusts in the Alborán Sea and Strait of Gibraltar," says Aemet.