People sunbathing on the beaches of Malaga today, 1 April. Salvador Salas
Dramatic weather change on the Costa del Sol this week: now you can ditch your rain umbrellas for beach brollies
Weather forecast

Dramatic weather change on the Costa del Sol this week: now you can ditch your rain umbrellas for beach brollies

The rain and cold of Easter week will give way to sunshine and unusually high temperatures for this time of year. But the bad news is that no more significant rainfall is expected in Malaga province in the next two weeks, according to Aemet's weather models

Ignacio Lillo


Monday, 1 April 2024, 16:29


The weather will undergo a dramatic change this week in Malaga. So much so that we will go from rain umbrellas and coats to swimming costumes and beach brollies. The rain that storm Nelson brought during Easter week will give way to drier and, above all, warmer weather than usual for this time of year.

The temperature jump in Malaga city and along the coast will be six to seven degrees, going from 20 to 26-27C over the coming weekend. But the change will be even more intense in the Guadalhorce valley and Axarquia areas, where it may even exceed 28 degrees on Friday and Saturday. On Sunday it will tend to drop a little, after that peak, but it will remain at mild values, typical for this time of year.

Although the temperatures are still nowhere near the levels that are going to be reached (at the moment, there are intervals of cloudy and clear skies and the maximum temperature is expected to be 20C), there have already been quite a few visitors sunbathing and even bathing on the beaches of the Costa del Sol coastline today.

"The cold air mass is leaving and there will be a gradual rise, towards the end of the week we have a significant rise, and we can reach 26-27C in coastal and inland areas on Friday and Saturday, with the entry of a warmer mass," explained Jesús Riesco of Spain's state weather agency (Aemet) . However, he warned that the days before and after will be below, as it will be a one-off situation that will last for about 48 hours.

Therefore, it will still take some time for the steady warm temperatures to arrive. "The tendency is to move to normal values for this time of year, although these two days will be well above". Riesco said that this is due to the normal variability of spring, "they are the typical variations of replacement of one mass of air by another, the spring changes, which are usually sudden".

"We are going to go from January temperatures to those of May and the beginning of June," warned José Luis Escudero, a local weather expert in Malaga. "Temperatures are going to rise gradually, especially on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, when in some inland areas, such as Antequera, temperatures could reach 26-27 degrees. This will be due to the replacement of a cold mass by a warmer air mass, which is typical of spring, the transition from winter to summer".

No rain in sight

The bad news is that no more significant rainfall is expected in the Malaga province during the next two weeks, in the first fortnight of April, according to the weather forecast models that Aemet manages. This does not mean that it will not rain this month, but that it is still a long way off and not on the horizon yet.

"In general, the month of April does show anything significant in terms of precipitation; this week hardly anything will fall, and probably not next week either," said Riesco. Only on Sunday could there be some showers, but, if they do occur, they will be weak and scattered.

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